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Ask yourself...

  • Are the team members and I doing work that isn't moving our business forward?

  • Are the team members and I doing work that takes a long time to complete or is not being done very efficiently? 

  • Where can the team members and I free up time to work on priorities and new projects?

  • Are there tools or technologies available that could automate or streamline this task?

  • What are the consequences of not completing tasks or doing them poorly?

  • Is there anyone from whom we could seek advice or guidance to better manage our time and resources?

  • What would it be like if these issues didn't affect the ability to get in front of clients and close deals?

What I will offer you...

  • A trusted and experienced partnership 

  • Time management assistance

  • High quality service, efficiency, and management of completing tasks to your expectations

  • Lowered stress levels

  • Knowledge of technology and systems, to help move your business forward

Would this be valuable to you

and your business?

As your Fractional Operations & General Implementation Expert,

I will provide you with...

Done For You Services and operations excellence for your business

including, but not limited to:

Sales Operations
HR Operations
Marketing Operations
Operations Management
▫️ CRM Implementation
▫️ New Hire Onboarding & Off Boarding
▫️ PR & Publicity
▫️ Project Management
▫️ Sales Reporting Dashboards
▫️ Recruiting
▫️ Blogs & Newsletters
▫️ Event Management
▫️ Standard Operating Procedure Creation
▫️ Employee Culture - Company Events & Swag
▫️ Social Media & Content Creation
▫️ Digital File Management
▫️ Market Research
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