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  • Pam Weiser

Using Tech to Do the Heavy Lifting: A Simple Look at Business Automation

Updated: Sep 26

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Do you ever feel like there’s just too much to do and not enough time? Or maybe you’re dreaming big and wondering how to handle more customers without losing sleep or pulling your hair out? That’s where automation comes in.

Automation is the connector between productivity, process, and innovation. It can be scary and overwhelming at first thought, but think of automation as a business set of robotic arms to handle some of the tedious stuff. After the initial set up, you and your team will find yourselves working smarter, not harder and productivity and efficiency will soar.

Let’s talk about the magic of automation and how it can help your business operations.

  1. Mistakes, no more! Yes, we’re human, we might have an “off day”, and mistakes do happen, but automation tools don’t have off days or even days off. By using automated technology, you cut down on human error significantly.

  2. More time for the fun stuff! Who wants to spend time doing tedious tasks? Imagine if you or your team were able to dive into the next project or brainstorm the next great idea. Set up your automations and GO!

  3. Save some coins! The initial cost to get set up and trained may be more, but in the long run, using automation tools is like having a super efficient employee who doesn’t need to take a break, doesn’t make human errors, and uses streamlined processes that need less oversight.

  4. Growth without the growing pains! One of the biggest benefits of using automation tools is the ability to scale without increasing cost - by handling the extra workload. Think of it like having an escalator instead of the stairs for increasing traffic and efficiency.

  5. Keeping things smooth and steady! Consistency is key! Automations are consistent and by using them, you’re guaranteed to get things done in the same way, every time.

  6. Enhanced customer experience! Automation tools can segment and personalize your customer communications - making interactions more tailored, relevant, and like a VIP. A happy customer is business gold!

As your business scales, the challenges to maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness increase. By strategically implementing tech and automation tools, businesses can position themselves for growth, increased productivity and success in a competitive environment.

There are several tools on the market, for every type of business size and need. If you’re thinking about implementing systems and don’t know where to start, let’s set up a connection call to discuss how I can assist you.

“The future of automation will be a shift from man working the machine to the machine working for the man.” - Tom Clancy

Be The Wiser, LLC

Offering project based and fractional retainer based operations business support for busy CEOs running growth stage companies. We also partner with COOs who strategize, and we come in as the Operations Director-for-hire to take care of the implementations. We help create more efficient operations, increase productivity, improve workflow and streamline systems and processes so that companies can grow more efficiently and effectively to reach their profit goals.

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