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Time Management Tips for the Disorganized

Updated: Jan 29

There are so many reasons why people become disorganized. It could be procrastination, lack of focus, too much on their plate, or even a major life event. Whatever the reason, disorganization can wreak havoc on life, and the feeling of being overwhelmed can stop projects and simple tasks from moving forward, creating unnecessary stress.

Time management plays a big part in helping the disorganized become more organized and productive. As someone who manages multiple client projects while helping them become organized and efficient, I am constantly reminding myself of the importance of managing my own time.

Here are some of the things I think about when it comes to time management, on a daily basis:

  1. Evaluate where you need to spend your time. This could be answering emails, focus time, exercise, or meeting with clients.

  2. Make a to-do list of all workweek tasks which need to be completed, how long each will take, and their deadlines.

  3. Prioritize each of those tasks.

  4. What are the essential tasks?

  5. Do they need to be done at the same time each day?

  6. Use a calendar or time tracking tool. Once you have figured out the to-do list and the priorities, put the essential tasks into the calendar and schedule the remaining tasks around those tasks.

  7. Use calendar notifications, so that you’re reminded to move on to the next task or meeting.

  8. Remember to block time for breaks, or for things that come up last minute.

  9. Learn to delegate tasks. Even with evaluating, prioritizing, and using a calendar, you might find that delegating tasks will help you free up even more time to complete the ever growing to-do list.

  10. Training a freelancer or an assistant might seem overwhelming right now, but in the long run, taking things off of your plate is very worth your time.

  11. You might have to say no. It’s okay to say no. Burnout and work overload never helped anyone.

  12. However, there might be times where you just can’t say no, and this might be another option to consider outsourcing your tasks to a freelancer or assistant.

Remember that this is not a once and done situation, and you can always adjust to accommodate new recurring tasks and meetings. Time management is not easy, and this is a practice which needs to be done daily. Don’t be afraid to try different ideas or options for time management, if something isn’t working for you.

I would be happy to discuss how I can help get you organized, and/or when you’re ready to delegate, please reach out for a free 30 minute discovery call.

“No business can succeed in any great degree without being properly organized.”

- James Cash Penney

Be The Wiser

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