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  • Pam Weiser

Productivity Tips That Actually Work

How many of you sit down at your desk, first thing in the morning and think that your day is going to go exactly as planned? And then, the day gets going, and your clients are sending you urgent requests, the dog got into something and you need to go clean it up, or you got sidetracked with scrolling and commenting on LinkedIn or Facebook. Meanwhile, you’re not getting through your to-do’s, and now you’re feeling overwhelmed.

What you do first will affect the rest of your day, but even when it feels like you’re losing control, you can get that control back in check.

Here are four suggestions for better productivity.

  1. Don’t check your email, first thing in the morning. It feels like this is counterproductive, but it’s not. If your inbox looks like mine, it will take you hours to read and respond to all of the messages. Skim through and answer any urgent or quick questions, and then focus on the tasks which take priority. Get back to your inbox, when you don’t have urgent tasks to finish.

  2. Focus on doing the most important or most urgent tasks. Make your to-do list but keep it manageable - too long of a list can lead to procrastination. Focus on one task to completion at a time and only on the tasks which must be done for the day. You can delegate the lesser important tasks and should continue to focus on the higher level tasks.

  3. Minimize your distractions, to increase your focus. Stick to your to-do list. Turn off the phone. Close your office door. Give the kids something to do. Wear headphones or listen to music. Take a break and come back to your tasks with a fresh mind, if needed. Focus time increases your productivity.

  4. Stop procrastinating. Do the hardest task first. Break down your larger tasks into smaller more manageable tasks. Start small…even working for a few minutes on a task gets you to actually DO IT, which is most of the battle.

All of these suggestions are about working smarter, not harder and by doing so, you’re using your time and energy more wisely and efficiently. All it takes is a little planning and a list of priorities. Higher productivity increases revenues, personal fulfillment in what you’re doing, and ultimately what drives your success.

If you’re stuck and only working harder, not smarter, let’s set up some time to chat, to see how I can support you.

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” – Paul J. Meyer

Be The Wiser

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