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Cyber Security Tips for your Business

Updated: Jan 29

Let’s talk about cyber security. What is cyber security? Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

I know…not exactly a sexy topic, but it’s important for the safety of your personal and professional information. There are hackers, ransomware attacks, viruses, and dishonest people lurking out on the internet, who are waiting to take advantage of any opportunities. One unauthorized event on your system can create years of painful cleanup and headaches, for both you and your business.

You wouldn’t leave your credit cards or your social security card lying around in public, would you? That’s basically what you’re doing, when you don’t protect the digital side of your business.

Here are some helpful security tips for your business:

Use long and unique passwords, as well as a password manager.

  • Don’t use the same password on every account.

  • Weak passwords, (e.g. John1234, social security number, your name, or birth date) create opportunities for hackers to steal your passwords because they’re simple and easy to guess.

  • A password manager will create and store the passwords for you, at the click of a mouse. No thought required. You only need to remember ONE master password.

  • Each new password is encrypted - making it unusable by hackers.

  • Set up may seem daunting, but it will ultimately make your life easier and more efficient.

  • I use 1Password, both personally and professionally, but there are several password managers on the market.

Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to log into your accounts.

  • What is 2FA? It’s a second layer of security and identity management, which protects access to your accounts. If your password is hacked or compromised, the hackers won’t be able to access your accounts, unless they have approval at the second level. That approval comes in the form of a one time passcode which is texted, emailed, or found on an authentication app.

  • I use Google Authenticator, but there are several free apps on the market.

  • No passcode = no entry, and no account compromised.

By protecting your passwords, emails, and financial information, you’ll help avoid data theft and potentially have information fall into the wrong hands. As a busy business owner, who already has limited time, you don’t have more time to deal with identity theft. Trust me.

The security of your business starts with you!

If you need assistance with setting up your new password manager or talking about cyber security with your digital systems, please get in touch and let’s set up a short call.

“Passwords are like underwear. Don’t let people see it, change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers.” -Chris Pirillo

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