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Are You Afraid of Outsourcing?

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

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Let’s talk about fear. Where does fear in business come from? Many entrepreneurs will tell you that fear comes from the potential to fail. Many of those entrepreneurs, including myself, will also tell you that their fear motivates them to strive for success, and to do this more quickly. As that success comes, so does the growth and the efforts to scale become more urgent. Scary, right? This is the time to move out of the comfort zone and partner with individuals - potentially freelancers, who can give their immediate assistance, and so a semblance of comfort and normalcy will return. This is also the time to figure out where you need the most help, and my guess is that it’s probably administrative, in nature.

Here are some reasons that entrepreneurs might be hesitant about outsourcing help.

  • Fear that a freelancer won’t be as good as someone you hire in house. This is false. Freelancers aren’t one size fits all. You can find someone to do almost anything, whether that’s managing your social media, scheduling, or working on projects, which have taken a backseat. Take the time to research and check past recommendations, and speak to the freelancer a few times about their skills, so that you’re sure to enlist a qualified and experienced individual. The last thing you want to do is have to pay someone else to do the tasks over again, because you cut corners, and the quality of work was less than stellar.

  • Fear that a freelancer is more expensive than hiring in house. This is false. An experienced freelancer may charge more money per hour, but they are also covering their own tax payments, medical insurance, business insurance, along with any other business related expenses. If you were to hire this person as an employee, you would find that it will cost A LOT more. Consider the recruiting, onboarding, training, and equipment costs. Hiring a freelancer doesn’t require any of these things, except maybe some of your time for training, to get them up to speed.

  • Fear that freelancers are not as driven as those you hire in house. This is false. Freelancers forge their own paths to grow their businesses. This is a competitive field, and as markets change, it’s in their best interest to learn and grow new skills to accommodate different clients and their needs. A good freelancer gets satisfaction out of completing a successful project, in the same way an employee might. In the long run, this increases motivation, eagerness and confidence for the individual to do well.

What do entrepreneurs and businesses have to gain from outsourcing?

A freelancer can:

  • Increase efficiency

  • Save companies money

  • Help businesses scale

  • Ease the overwhelm

Seems worth it, doesn’t it?

Your fear of outsourcing might be doing you more harm than good.

Let’s talk about how I can help! Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me, today!

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” - Jack Canfield

Be The Wiser

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