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Hi! I'm Pam Weiser! (pronounced "Wiser" but spelled with an 'e').

I'm the CEO and Founder of Be The Wiser, LLC.

I do project based and fractional retainer based operations business support for busy CEOs in growth stage companies.

I also partner with COOs who strategize, and I come in as the Operations Director-for-hire

to take care of the implementations.


I help create more efficient operations, increase productivity, improve workflow and streamline systems and processes

so that companies can grow more efficiently and effectively to reach their profit goals.


Since 2000, I’ve been providing operations and project management support,

as well as administrative services to global businesses.


My focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship.

I'm strongly committed to service excellence, client satisfaction, and team collaboration. 

​Here are some of the companies I have worked with:


​IGT | DoubleDown Interactive
Kelli Wilke Photography
Climate and Land Use Alliance
​Darcy Elman Real Estate
Bacalia Group

Shikina Mediation & Arbitration

Oxford Valuation Partners
​Montecito Consultants

Connect2 Corporation

Let me help you make your life run smoother.

​Because you've got better things to do!

Let's discuss how I can help!
​Contact me below.​

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